When Ben started studying the Masters of Conflict Management and Resolution in 2015, he had not done any tertiary study for about 12 years. His last experience of university was mostly classroom-based, but he found the transition to online learning was easy and offered significantly increased flexibility.

I really felt I needed to explore new opportunities," Ben said. "I was working full time and had one-year-old twins at home, so I started slowly with just one subject in my first semester, but by my fourth semester I took on a full-time subject load. I've been able to complete the Masters in three years.

For Ben, study is not just about textbooks its about acquiring new skills and making the most of opportunities to learn and develop.

There are some great opportunities to pick up additional qualifications and accreditations along the way, he said. Ive gained my National 媒体tion Accreditation and Im working towards becoming an accredited conflict coach. There are also opportunities to publish academic papers in peer-reviewed journals; I am preparing two at the moment.


Each of the lecturers has been an expert in their field, so the wisdom, experience and energy they bring to teaching makes the workshops a great experience, he said.


Its something I never would have dreamed about just a few years ago, he said.

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对于本,学习不只是课本 - 这是关于获得新的技能和充分利用的机会,学习和发展。

“有一些伟大的机会,拿起沿途附加资格和认证,”他说。 “我已经得到了我的国家调解认可,我努力成为一个合格的教练发生冲突的工作。也有机会来发布同行评审期刊上的学术论文;我在此刻准备两个“。