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性别平等 Action @ JCU: Our Commitment.

美高梅app is committed to fostering a community that features, 其核心, 尊重, 人人享有包容和安全. We support gender equality as a foundation for 尊重ful relationships and an underpinning principle for change.

A commitment to gender equality means strong and courageous leadership, 有效的系统, and education leading to behaviour change. It means addressing the loss of women across the career pipeline and the unacceptably low numbers of women in senior academic, 专业和支持角色, 特别是在科学, 技术, 工程, mathematics and medicine where these trends are deeply entrenched. It means addressing the gender pay gap, the impact of short-term contracts for academic women, and obstacles that exist at major career transition points for women. 这意味着强大和持久 commitment to the elimination of sexual harassment and sexual assault.


JCU is a member of 圣人, and was awarded Bronze accreditation in 2020.

圣人 is a national program promoting gender equity and diversity in science, 技术工程, 数学与医学. It is based on the principles of the UK's Athena SWAN Charter, an evaluation and accreditation framework that addresses the improvement of gender equity policies and practices in STEMM.

Science in Australia 性别平等 (圣人) Ltd is a not-for-profit public company which administers the unique Athena SWAN gender equity and diversity national accreditation framework.

Founded by the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, 圣人’s vision is to improve gender equity in the Australian higher education and research sector. 圣人 is building a sustainable and adaptable Athena SWAN model for Australia.